Implementation of Power Facilities’ Construction and Maintenance




Technological parts – implementation of distribution plants’ power installations, power stations, heating plants and industrial plants

Control systems – implementation of control systems, protections, communication and measurement systems for distribution plants, power stations, heating plants and industrial plants

Structural segments - implementation of structural parts or construction conversions

Overhead lines


• Turn-key realization of new overhead lines

• Turn-key realization of optical transmission paths

• Realization of construction and erection work to extent transmission capacity of the existing overhead lines

• Repairs and maintenance of overhead lines

• Securing overhead lines in case of accidents

Orientation of Implementation Activities


• EHV/HV Substations

• MV Substations and Distribution Systems

• Control Systems, LV Switchboards and Distribution Systems

• High voltage and extra-high voltage overhead lines





EHV/HV Substations


Main Activities


• Substations and transformer stations of power transmission system

• EHV/HV distribution and transformer substations

• Outgoing substations of power plants

• Feeders for industrial plants, railways etc.



Method of Implementation


• Equipment and installation from the prestigious Czech and foreign suppliers according to the customer's requirements

• Substation control system installation manufactured by world prestigious manufacturers





MV Substations and Distribution Systems


Main Activities


• Vault substations

• Air or SF6 insulated steel plate switchboards



Method of Implementation


• Supply and erection including instrumentation according to the design documentation or as per our alternative solution

• Implementation of cable distribution systems including termination

• Implementation of possible construction work





Outdoor HV and EHV overhead lines


Method of Implementation


• Installation, reconstruction, rehabilitation and maintenance of high voltage and extra high voltage overhead lines

• Execution of the erection and civil works for reinforcement of transmission lines capacity

• Rehabilitation and reinforcement of existing steel towers in case of reconstruction of the existing lines

• Construction of the optical transmission routes (OPGW, ADSS) on the turn key basis

• Providing of the overhead line inspections

• New overhead lines execution on the turn-key basis including engineering activities

• Foundation works in any terrain

• Any kind of steel towers erection by various and obvious technologies





About the company


The company has been founded in 2014 together with a Thai partner and ENERG-SERVIS a.s. holds a stake in it. It is not possible to be commercially active on Thai energy industry market without a local partner. First steps of the company led to execution of large photovoltaic power station projects with an output in order of Megawatts. The Czech company already had an ample experience in this field since 2008. Thanks to a cooperation with large companies in the field of energy industry and electric power distribution the next steps led to an extension of the company’s activities into the field of construction, maintenance and upgrades of transmission networks and electricity substations in all voltage levels.


The company credentials and additional documentation are available here:
Document 1, document 2, document 3.






Mr. Atthapon Hansapiromchock






Due to Thai Kingdom’s prohibition of use of the references for strategic infrastructure, the photo shown is just illustrative.